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Use the Internet or computer-based learning

This is one of the most popular methods of learning Esperanto now since it’s an easy way to hear the language as well as to read, write, and speak with others around the world.

One of the best sites for learning Esperanto online is You will find the list of courses for all levels here.

In 2015 offered a new course in Esperanto. It soon became very popular. has lots of materials for learning Esperanto.

Another great computer-based course which you can download is Kurso de Esperanto. It has 12 lessons including pronunciation and listening exercises as well as songs with karaoke.

For a very extensive list of resources go to: So Many Ways to Learn Esperanto.


Although targeted for children, the Mazi en Gondolando series of 18 lessons is a great way for the beginner to hear Esperanto being spoken and learn directly as children do. It covers basic grammar in a fun and memorable way. The video is available on You Tube in 18 parts – here is lesson one:

Mazi en Gondolando – part 1

Teach yourself from books

Teach yourself from books
There are several books available which are good for the beginner:

Esperanto by Direct Method by Stano Marĉek: Words are defined by accompanying illustrations and include the 750 most commonly used words in Esperanto. The direct method allows you to learn without ‘translating’ between English and Esperanto.

Esperanto in Fifty Lessons: A Practical Guide to a Working Knowledge and Command of the New International Language by Edmond Privat. This is available at the Book Depository Online store which has the advantage of free shipping even to New Zealand!

Two books often available in bookshops and libraries:
Esperanto – learning and using the International Language, by David Richardson

Teach yourself Esperanto, by Cresswell, Teach Yourself Books. (There is also an accompanying cassette tape available with examples of Esperanto pronunciation.)


Join a local Esperanto Club Meeting

We have local clubs in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Masterton and Tauranga/Rotorua. Check out our page on New Zealand clubs for more information or find us on

Attend a conference or ‘Summer School’
The New Zealand Esperanto Association organises a conference annually. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with the Australian Esperanto Association and takes place in Australia (in Indonesia in 2018). Usually there is a summer school where you can take part in an intensive Esperanto course with experienced Esperanto teachers. And of course this a perfect opportunity to practice your new Esperanto skills and see the language in action since there are often visitors from overseas whose first language is not English.

There are many other events around the world.  For more details on what is in this part of the world as well as further afield take a look at the event section.